Etiquette when eating sushi party tray as Japanese culture

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Feb 10, 2023
Food culture

Etiquette when eating sushi party tray as Japanese culture

sushi party tray

Sushi party tray is now synonymous with Japanese culture.

Its history can even be traced to the period when Japan started to develop rice cultivation 2000 years ago.

In modern times, sushi has become fast food which is closely related to Japanese culture.

Sushi is not only Japaneses' favorite but also famous beyond Japan.

The conveyor belt sushi store and packing sushi are popular all around the world. 


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There are many kinds of sushi party tray

History of sushi as Japanese culture

The earliest prototype was narezushi, which was used to ferment fish.

Edomae sushi, namenari, makizushi, chirashizushi, and other types of sushi were developed after.

When street food vendors began to be popular in nineteenth century, Nigiri Zushi was launched. Then it later spread around the world.

Many variations also emerged. California roll is a good example. The use of ingredients differs in region and store.

sushi party tray
In Japan, sushi boasts a history and culture of over a thousand years. Next, I will touch on the surprisingly unknown roots of sushi. (Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


Multipurpose containers are very important for dealers to respond to different types of sushi.

The Enpak Biocane compostable trays with Lid series is available in six sizes.

Enpak Biocane compostable Small tray with Clear Lid BP-01 is a classic size that can hold not only the traditional sushi items that are required in sushi restaurants, but also sashimi, oshizushi, and hand-rolled sushi.

There is no need to prepare separate containers for each item, the Enpak Biocane compostable Small tray with Clear Lid BP-01 allows restaurants to make dishes more efficiently and helps reduce inventory.

Enpak Biocane compostable Small tray with Clear Lid BP-01
Enpak Biocane compostable Small tray with Clear Lid BP-01


General definition of sushi and typical types

The most common type is Nigiri, or hand-rolled sushi party tray

Although there are various variations of sushi, the ingredients are similar and very elaborate.

Sushi is mainly vinegared rice made from japonica rice, seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt. After cooling vinegared rice, it is topped with fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs or other meats.

The toppings can be raw, cooked, or marinated. The price and quality of sushi varies in different toppings.

Sushi party tray
In the days before refrigeration technology, people would boil and pickle fish with soy sauce as a means of preservation. (Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


If your customers have trouble making decisions, choose the larger size Enpak compostable trays with Lid BP-03, which is ideal for making sushi platters to satisfy the greedy hearts of gourmets.

It can also be used for sushi bento to meet big eats’ expectations.

Biocane Sashimi Plate BP-03
Enpak compostable trays with Lid BP-03


The Right Way to Eat Sushi

Courtesy and etiquette when eating sushi party tray as Japanese culture

Although chopsticks are the main tableware in Japanese culture, it is considered correct to eat sushi with your hands rather than chopsticks, for the reason that chopsticks tend to deform the sushi.

The exquisite craftsmanship of a sushi chef can only be appreciated and tasted with hands.

Sushi is usually made in bite-sized portions, but in some fine sushi restaurants, the chef will change the size according to the needs of the customer, such as women or children.

So sushi should be eaten in one bite. The sushi chef will offer a plate of sauce when the customer has a seat.

The sauce is mainly dipping the toppings on the sushi, instead of the whole sushi, or this would ruin the overall flavor of the sushi.

sushi party tray
Eat nigiri sushi with your hands, not with chopsticks (Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


Enpak compostable tray with Lid BP-02 is a long tray, which can be attached to the dipping sauce plate and served with the meal together, so there is no need to separate the sauce and the meal to the guests.

In addition to reducing the chance of serving errors, it can also reduce the contact during the pandemic outbreaks.

The biggest feature of the Enpak compostable tray BP series is the 100% Commercially Composted material, which is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, but its natural brown appearance can also increase the natural, fresh and healthy feeling of food.

Enpak compostable tray with Lid BP-02
Enpak compostable tray with Lid BP-02


Sushi and Japanese food culture are inseparable.

Getting to know the sushi etiquette makes you more elegant and maintain good manners in dating, business, or any formal occasions.

It also helps you dine confidently in a fine zushi restaurant.


Source of the first photo credit :, AI drawing)


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