Let Japanese experts tell you, how tasty Donburi Bowls really are!

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Feb 13, 2023
Food culture

Let Japanese experts tell you, how tasty Donburi Bowls really are!

1400ml Disposable Donburi Bowl

The impression most people have for the delicious Japanese donburi bowls, are probably a piping hot bowl of rice topped with rich sauce and ingredients, sending a spoonful of happiness into our mouths!


Donburi is a general term used for rice topped with ingredients in Japanese cuisine.

It is usually served in oversized bowls of rice, which is then topped with fish, meat, vegetables or other braised dishes.

Moreover, donburi is a very popular meal in Japan, it is served in various large-scale Japanese fast food restaurants, some even with donburi as their bread-winning product.

Although donburi often have different flavors according to the varying seasons, side dishes, regions and main promotion ingredients.

But most of the time, water, sugar, soy sauce and mirin are used for seasoning of the stock, with different proportions for each donburi, making it one of the most iconic food in Japan.

Donburi bowls
Donburi is a general term used for rice topped with ingredients in Japanese cuisine. (Source of photo credit :https://labs.openai.com/, AI drawing)


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National cuisine that may seem simple, but with a deep fascination!

Containing history, local specialty, and the mind of the chef

Donburi has a long history, dating back to as early as the “Hohan” (similar to Chazuke) of the Muromachi period.

Earlier types of donburi include the Fukagawa-don invented in the late Edo period, and the Unadon which went widespread around the beginning of the 19th century.

Because donburi can be eaten quickly and conveniently during busy times, it was soon widely spread across all social classes.

Varieties include Gyū don, as well as the Beef and Egg Rice Bowl from the Meiji era.

There is also the Oyakodon, a combination of chicken and egg invented in 1891, and Katsudon, which was served with sauce, invented in 1913.

As the times have evolved, new donburi dishes have been developed and spread by the Japanese community.

donburi bowls
Donburi has a long history, dating back to as early as the “Hohan” (similar to Chazuke) of the Muromachi period. (Source of photo credit :https://labs.openai.com/, AI drawing)


Due to the rise of health awareness in recent years, donburi with lots of vegetables has become quite popular.

After the outbreak, donburi meals have become an overwhelming mainstream for take-out food, making Donburi bowls with lids 1000ml DO-1000 the hottest rising star on the market.

DO-1000 complements the delicious tastes between ingredients, pulling off any kind of donburi dishes.

Donburi bowls with lids 1000ml DO-1000
Donburi bowls with lids 1000ml DO-1000



Donburi bowls make food with endless possibilities!

It is usually named according to the food contained in the bowl

There is actually no strict definition of "donburi". In a broad sense, rice and dishes served in a large deep bowl, piled up and then topped with sauce, can all be referred to as donburi.

Because of such universality, the definition of "donburi" is flexible, and has unlimited possibilities.

In addition, donburi is a dish that can be enjoyed by all walks of life in Japan, as it offers both rice and side dishes in satisfying portions that do not require special conditions to eat.

Donburi bowls make food with endless possibilities! (Source of photo credit :https://labs.openai.com/, AI drawing)


DO-1400 Donburi bowls with lids 1400ml can best display the deep and big features of donburi, perfectly presenting the side dishes that bring out the sweetness of the rice, and the rice that brings out the fragrance of the side dishes.

The DO series offers two types of lid to choose from, the traditional lid and the perforated lid, either of which does not affect the price.

Enpak microwave to go donburi bowls with clear lids 1400ml
DO-1400 Donburi bowls with lids 1400ml


Donburi bowls have evolved into a variety of options

What are some of the classic donburi dishes? 

One of the most common and popular donburi is the unagi donburi.

Originally invented to keep the grilled eel warm during delivery, others then discovered that the grilled eel, rice, and sauce were so delicious when combined!

However, not everyone could afford the expensive unagi donburi, so Tendon was invented using Tempura, also known as a commoner’s delicacy.

Tendon was not only cheap and delicious, but also has a combination of crunchy noodles and crispy ingredients that immediately gained popularity among the people.

When the Great Kantō Earthquake occurred in the 12th year of Taishō, Gyū don which was originally eaten by the labor class, became a savior food for many of the victims, and the Gyū don was officially popularized, becoming a delicacy loved by of people of the upper class to the lower and middle class.

Donburi bowls have evolved into a variety of options. (Source of photo credit :https://labs.openai.com/, AI drawing)


As times changes, donburi has also evolved with the times. Modern donburi has become more refined, with smaller portions designed for children or people with a small appetite.

The size of donburi bowls with lids 550ml DO-550 makes delivery and take-out more convenient, and also more in line with the modern flow of waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

550ml Disposable Donburi Bowl
Donburi bowls with lids 550ml DO-550


Donburi is not a difficult dish to prepare. Therefore, it can be prepared in every household, every restaurant, and every place.

The donburi served by Japanese restaurants is specially designed, with the compatibility of the rice and side dishes, the flavor and consistency of the sauce, and the portions etc. all taken into consideration, so that each bowl of donburi has its own feature and flavor.

All of this makes donburi a different enjoyment from the Table d'hôte, where the rice and the main dish are served separately, which is why it is interesting and fascinating.


Source of the first photo credit :https://labs.openai.com/, AI drawing)


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