Don’t consider eco package not important!

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Feb 13, 2023

Don’t consider eco package not important!

Eco package color

In recent years, many studies have shown that tableware, eco package, surroundings, and the colors of light can affect consumers’ preference for food.

In the past, it was believed that different nationalities and cultures were the factors that directly influenced the choices of food from customers.
However, studies found that eco package color has the most impact on consumer behavior. Despite different cultural backgrounds, they are all affected by the packaging.


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We still have a lot to learn about eco package color!

Consumers’ preferences of flavor, fragrance, and texture vary through packaging color.

In a research published by the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science in 2021, chocolate was used to test multinational consumer behavior.

The research team conducted experiments in Brazil and France and packed milk chocolate and dark chocolate in seven colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, pink, and yellow to investigate if packaging color could affect expectations of sweetness, bitterness, fruitiness, and melting for chocolate.

According to the results, when both milk and dark chocolate were covered in yellow and pink packaging, they were considered to be the sweetest.

On the other hand, an interesting result showed that participants preferred milk chocolate more than dark one when both were packed in black packages.

Furthermore, according to the study, despite the absolute differences between France and Brazil in terms of chocolate consumption and taste preferences, they both share the same study results, indicating that the effects of packaging color were not significantly different between cultures.

milk and dark chocolate
Milk and dark chocolate were covered in yellow and pink packaging, they were considered to be the sweetest. (Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


Microwave Rectangle Box 24oz HR-24 provide a variety of color options for you to choose from.

Whether you want to make your food look sweeter, spicier, or even saltier, these HR eco package seem to allow customers to taste and smell the food by just looking at it.

In terms of visualization or quality, HR eco package provide clients the best experience with food.

It passes many certificates and can be washed and reused. Last but not least, it is one of the most popular eco package these days.

Microwave Rectangle Box 24oz HR-24
Microwave Rectangle Box 24oz HR-24


Emotional eco package! Building empathy with customers!

Let your eco package be “emotional” enough to get closer to your customers.

Eco package is the bridge between products and customers.

Emotional packaging allows customers to maintain brand enthusiasm, while the first consideration in packaging design is how consumers contact the products.

Take retail as an example. Mostly, similar products are placed together.

In order to differentiate your products from the competitive ones, the most special product information must be displayed on the packaging.

Whereas in mail order, customers usually buy products in the box, which means it prolongs the customer engagement process and allows buyers to tease it in hand.

Therefore, by offering differentiated packaging, it can increase the product value.

Emotional eco package!
Offering differentiated packaging, it can increase the product value. 


Unchanged packaging design will lose customers’ curiosity. It has to keep up with trends and meet the diverse needs of customers.

It would be one of a kind if you can customize your own printed graphic like our Take out 8oz Drink Cup QH-08.

This transparent cup brings out a sense of nature and freshness and is suitable for light-colored beverages such as sports drinks and juice.

Dark packaging, on the other hand, creates a sense of tranquility and makes people unintentionally relax, which is suitable for dark and thick drinks.

You can not only choose your own color but also customize your printing graphics on your Take out 8oz Drink Cup QH-08.

Take out 8oz Drink Cup QH-08
Take out 8oz Drink Cup QH-08


“Eye-catching packaging” equals “50 times more ROI”

According to the result of Nielsen research, it shows that an outstanding package can receive more than 50 times ROI compared to a normal advertising campaign.

Fumi Sasada, a Japanese packaging design master mentioned in his book CIKTMUPS that when customers pass through the shelves, each product can only have 0.2 seconds to make an impression on customers.

If you want to stop customers from leaving, creating eye-catching packaging is what matters.

Eye-catching eco package
When customers pass through the shelves, each product can only have 0.2 seconds to make an impression on customers. (Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


From simple monochrome to striking patterns, Sushi Serving Plates OP-1.0 link food and packaging as one, allowing consumers to taste the Japanese cuisine’s original flavor through packaging.

Thinking of that gentle breeze, we cannot help to think of girls in kimonos and cherry blossoms all over the ground.

Those traditional Japanese natural elements such as flowers, birds, insects, and fish are also widely used on this delicate and gorgeous  Sushi Serving Plates OP-1.0.

Applying traditional Japanese patterns to food packaging allows customers to experience as if they are personally in Japan before tasting the food.

Sushi Serving Plates OP-1.0
Sushi Serving Plates OP-1.0


Packaging color definitely affects consumer choice

In the past, packaging has not been seen as an essential part of product identity, and most brands only thought of cost and practicality when thinking about packaging.

However, packaging color indeed has a significant effect. Choosing the most suitable color for the product will achieve better sales.


Source of the first photo credit :, AI drawing)


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