Tray pack of turkey is a main role on Thanksgiving table

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Nov 22, 2022
Food culture

How does “Thanksgiving Turkey” end up on the tray pack?


Tray pack of a roasted turkey is one of the essential traditional dishes on Thanksgiving. 


For Christians, having Thanksgiving is aimed at showing gratitude to God for giving the great harvest in the passing year. 

Even though in Canada and the US, Thanksgiving happens on different dates, they still share some identical features of food culture.

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Thanksgiving is sometimes called “Turkey Day.”

It is considered the largest eating event in the US.

Thanksgiving is the second most popular holiday in the US, after Christmas, and turkey is the most favored food on this specific day.

Because the first Thanksgiving dinner originally happened with Native Americans giving food to Puritans, there are many traditional dishes made with local ingredients from the Americas including turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cranberries.

As for the name “Thanksgiving”, the purpose of this traditional holiday is to give gratitude to God and, therefore, saying grace before the feast turns out to be the must-do step.

Thanksgiving Turkey tray pack

(Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)

Many side dishes, such as pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and gravy, are served alongside the main course.

Also, more people nowadays are getting used to ordering thanksgiving takeout rather than preparing it themselves.

In this case, Enpak square small party sushi platter with clear lids OP-20 is the best option for having a takeaway platter.

Whether it is fried food, fruit, or meat platter, all foods are easy to pack and deliver.

It is also perfect for family-size portions.

Enpak square small party sushi platter with clear lids OP-20
Enpak square small party sushi platter with clear lids OP-20


Why have turkey tray pack on Thanksgiving?

According to statistics, 5 billion pounds of turkey, valued at almost $8 billion are consumed on Thanksgiving.

The climax of Thanksgiving is when the main dish, the gigantic turkey, is brought to the center of the dinner table.

There is a saying in western culture that poultry is a gift and salvation from God.

Do not eat the meat raw or cooked in water, but roast it over the fire-- head, legs and inner parts.”( Bible Exodus 12:9)

And it shall be served on Thanksgiving. Initially, most Europeans had roasted ducks  at festivals in the past.

After arriving in America, they found turkey and decided to have it on the table, representing their gratitude toward God.

tray pack

(Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)

Broad Breasted White turkey, among all the turkey species, is specifically suitable for large feasts such as Thanksgiving.

Therefore, the high-load-capacity Enpak plastic trays with lids OP-4.0 what you look for to hold such a large and tender turkey.

It has the perfect size for placing a turkey served for a family.

It is so sturdy and durable that you do not have to worry about it breaking on the table when serving.

Additionally, with a transparent lid, vendors can sell their turkey with plastic trays with lids OP-4.0 in a set, allowing customers to store the leftovers directly in the refrigerator.

Enpak plastic trays with lids OP-4.0 
Enpak plastic trays with lids OP-4.0


Most Thanksgiving turkey tray pack is stuffed with a traditional savory bread pudding.

Many Americans consider Thanksgiving dinner as “incomplete” without fillings.

The stuffing for a traditional Thanksgiving turkey may differ from region to region. It could include bread cubes, sages, onions, and celery.

However, Southerners would add the filling with cornbread, while in other parts of the country, they would opt for white bread, wheat or rye.

The following ingredients can also be added in the stuffing: oysters, apples, chestnuts, raisins, and sausages or the turkey’s giblets.

(Source of photo credit :, AI drawing)


Due to mountains of food  during Thanksgiving dinner, leftovers are common after a great feast.

Therefore, Enpak plastic take out large bento lunch box with lids OP-530, with high capacity, is the best to pack up all the unfinished food quickly.

It is stackable, easy to sort and store, so it only takes up little space in the refrigerator.

When customers are shopping for Thanksgiving supplies, it is always great to kindly remind your customers to get some Large lunch box with lids OP-530 for leftovers.

Enpak plastic take out large bento lunch box with lids OP-530 
Enpak plastic take out large bento lunch box with lids OP-530


Nowadays, Thanksgiving is a well-known holiday around the world, and many traditional cuisines are available not only on Thanksgiving anymore.

As long as there is gratitude, every day could be Thanksgiving! Let’s have turkey every day!

Source of the first photo credit :, AI drawing)


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