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Sep 27, 2022

Enpak Expands Sustainable Packaging Offerings with the Launch of Vermicelli bowls

Enpak’s newest products, vermicelli bowls, offer a variety of new features, including options for on-shelf merchandising, catering, takeout, and more. From fast casual to supermarkets, products are designed with diverse foodservice operators in mind.


New products 550ml / 700ml compostable vermicelli bowls:

Compostable fiber bowls have a trendy appearance and practical usage. Designed for both cold and hot dishes with grease resistance, making it suitable for packing different types cuisine. Topped with clear PET lids for good visibility on the gourmet packed inside. The small-sized and stackable design are ideal for food delivery and takeout.


Its simple appearance does not steal the thunder from the content inside. On the contrary, it elevates the fullness of the overall presentation of the dish. The fullness that fulfill our visual hunger and physical appetite. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! These small-and-medium bowls can go with anything you like.


As part of its ongoing growth, Enpak Corporation, a global leading packing manufacturer that focuses on food packaging innovation, is thrilled to announce the launch of one new take away series packaging. These environmentally friendly products are made from  agricultural fiber byproduct materials which have unique sustainability benefits including compostability, recyclability and recycled content usage.


Compostable vermicelli bowls are supplying sustainability solutions

“As the demand for carryout, catering and on-the-go food delivery continues to trend upward, we are excited to expand our already extensive portfolio of packaging products and offerings with innovative solutions that support to reducing environmental waste,”said Daniel, President“These brand-new products deliver the ideal fusion of sustainability and adaptability all while making a lasting impression on current and future customers.”


The new take-out series products offer cutting-edge approaches to food packaging and join others new packaging products including Plant Fiber Condiment Bowls, Eco-friendly Drink Cups– all launched by Enpak earlier in 2022.


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About Enpak


Enpak is a leading global manufacturer of innovative food packaging products and solutions. The company was founded in 2011 on a single mission: Manufacturing must make the products affordable for everyone.


Headquartered in R.O.C, Enpak have successfully cooperated and sold products to North America, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and even UAE or Africa. Using its many years of experience, Enpak provides worldwide established and innovative products and services, with a wide range of requirements in international markets. For more information, visit


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