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Sep 27, 2022

Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer

Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer


Established in 2011, Enpak Enterprise Co., Ltd. was once a traditional manufacturing factory, devoted itself to providing takeaway food containers with outstanding quality and competitive price.


A young man came up to Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer.

By some amazing coincidence, a young man came up and visited this place.

After constant conversation between employees and further understanding about the industry, he wished to get rid of the stereotype of being out of date and stale when it comes to manufacturing and defined it with a brand-new look and style.

In his opinion, manufacturing which belongs to upstream operation is actually an influential factor to the market.

 “Manufacturing industry is an industry which moves with the times.”

Therefore, he grouped up a professional youth and expected to transform the traditional industry into a modern operation.

Not only do we produce the goods, but we also integrate multiple resources including international trade, logistics, product research and development, and advertisement so as to strengthen the trust from our customers.

Here in ENPAK sustainable packaging manufacturer, we have successfully cooperated and sold our products to North America, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and even UAE or Africa.

Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer moves with the times.

Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer moves with the times.


Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer 's Early-stage startup

These young people promoted EAPAK sustainable packaging manufacturer to the international stage and made this company more energetic and creative.

While building up our business around the world, we gradually step up on domestic market share at the same time.

With the increasing demand, we decided to found our very first e-commerce specialized in wholesale, retailer and cross industry cooperation to serve more customers from all the four corners of the earth.


Enpak's Steady stage

After early-stage startup, ENPAK has developed into steady stage and cultivated our own specialty with professional employees.

This makes ENPAK sustainable packaging manufacturer become the first choice even during the competitive and diverse packaging market.

To us, no matter how the company improves during the process, it is people that matter in the end.

Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer

’’Enpak care about the thoughts of our team members and the needs from our clients, which are both very important to us.’’


Enpak sustainable packaging manufacturer has excellent quality products.

Our product are made with excellent quality and certificated with ISO food standard, passing FDA, EU and Non-Toxic testing to ensure you the safety.

What’s more important is that we insist to supply you great merchandise with a premium quality even facing the increasing cost of raw material and inflation.

We will and always be supporting the customers.

’’Manufacturing is an industry connected with our daily life, so you must make the products affordable for everyone.’’


Enpak's Currently

Currently we mainly manufacture the takeaway containers with injection skills, plus a variety of plastic food containers and cutlery, and environmental tableware.

As a manufacturer, we not only constantly improve our professions but also pay attention on environment issues by choosing biodegradable material, fast growing or recycled from food industry plant fiber to produce new series of Bagasse containers.

As for our plastic particles, we choose supreme quality material and make sure that these plastic products are well recycled or reused to meet the balance between commercial business and protection for the planet so we can save a sustainable earth for the future.



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