Why is Poke Bowl so famous?

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Feb 13, 2023
Food culture

Why is Poke Bowl so famous?

Poke Bowl


Popular around fashion supermodels and on Xiaohongshu or Dcard, Poke bowl is colorful yet nutritious and cooked with less oil, salt and calories, making it the most popular diet for weight loss.

Just take a look at Poke bowls.


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What's this Poke bowl that all the supermodels take in?

A long time ago, it was just some kind of food for locals.

Poke bowl is one of the local Native Hawaiian cuisines. It mainly consists of cubed raw fish, sweet Maui onions, inamona, limu, soy sauce, green onions, or sesame oil.

Because Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, therefore, eating raw fish dishes comes naturally.

However, Poke bowl is made in many different ways and served on many occasions. Traditional Poke bowl has been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines.

After spreading to North America, there were more changes and may have the ingredients arranged in a grouped way rather than mixed.

(Source of photo credit :https://www.photoroom.com/, AI drawing)


With such a variety of combinations, the soul mate for Poke bowl is none other than our Transparent PET Poke Bowl 24oz HS-02.

The transparent appearance allows the consumers to see the inside of the dish clearly.

Firstly, No matter you go for a meal high in protein or fiber, Transparent PET Poke Bowl 24oz HS-02 could perfectly present the meal and allows customers to purchase quickly and smoothly during peak hours.

Secondly, The round bowl shape is easy to dress and convenient to stir when eating and keep the container clean when serving.

Inasmuch as, This packaging could let your customers feel the consideration and thoughtfulness.

Poke Bowl 24 oz
Transparent PET Poke Bowl 24oz HS-02


Simply and fast made, improving your cooking skills by 200%!

Poke bowl is very convenient for grab-and-go food.

Poke bowl has been gradually obtaining popularity around the world because of its convenience and speedy preparing.

The most popular way of Poke bowl isn’t that complicated as you expected. Certainly, you can pair up rice with low-calorie ingredients or go gluten-free based on your needs.

Therefore, it is a good choice for many keep-fit enthusiasts or who need to do weight control because it meets the demands of a small number of carbohydrates, rich protein and dietary fiber.

Meanwhile, menus can be alternative and varied.

(Source of photo credit :https://www.photoroom.com/, AI drawing)


It is said that the secret to maintain a good figure for female celebrities is to have a Poke bowl every day.

Packed in Enpak’s transparent PET 32oz bowl, you could put a lot of lettuce or boiled meat in it.

With top of the bowl fitting perfectly into the container, it is easy to carry around and no need to worry about annoying leaks.

What you have to do is just shaking the container evenly up and down, side to side, and a meal is ready for you to enjoy.

It's just easy and convenient. Many people who lose weight by this imply they eat a generous portion and keeps healthy at the same time.

Poke Bowl 32 oz
Enpak’s transparent PET 32oz bowl


The world's most popular Poke bowls, with perfect marks for being delicious and healthy!

Today, it comes in various combinations.

Poke bowls mainly involve dicing fish, meat and lots of vegetables in a large bowl.

Customers get to pick preferred ingredient and mix up with sauces so each bowl reflects different personalities and flavors.

There are a various and endless possibilities in ingredient choices. Healthy options make the dish a great choice for customers who like light and fresh ingredients.

(Source of photo credit :https://www.photoroom.com/, AI drawing)


Poke bowl is not only suitable for weight loss or fitness, but also a great dish for women and children due to its balanced nutrition features.

Crystal Flat Lid Container 750ml ES-750 has a common capacity for most consumers.

Enpak’s products are certified by SGS to be plasticizer-free, acid and oil resistant. Children could utilize our product at ease.

Restaurants can encourage families to take Poke bowls with them for lunch.

Crystal Flat Lid Container 750ml ES-750


Poke Bowls are an ideal cuisine for a balanced diet to keep you full of energy throughout the day.

It is a great takeaway option with great tasting and is also flexible and versatile without microwaving.

Add Poke bowls to your restaurant menu now!


Source of the first photo credit :https://www.photoroom.com/, AI drawing)


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