Noodle boxes - Let's have a bowl of hot ramen in winter!

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Dec 19, 2022
Food culture

Let's have a bowl of hot ramen noodle boxes in winter!



Speaking of ramen noodle boxes, everyone thinks of Japan.
But do you know that ramen originated in China and it can be found in many places of the world?

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Ramen noodle boxes were first recorded in the Ming dynasty

Ramen is paid great attention to handmade noodles and is also very particular about noodles.

Ramen noodles can date back to the Ming dynasty in 1504 and are made by stretching, folding, and stretching the kneaded dough several times until the noodles are thin enough.

A good master can make the noodles long and thin, with a nice, chewy texture. In addition to boiling, you can also fry the noodles.

Enpak Compostable Bowl 32oz Round Eco-friendly Bagasse bowls CR-32 with high quality and low cost has multiple advantages such as oil resistance, water resistance, and commercial compostable environmental material.

Round Compostable Bowl 32oz CR-32 is suitable for noodle soup, lo mein, and fried noodles. Its natural brown color makes customers think of the natural ingredients.

Enpak Compostable Bowl 32oz Round Eco-friendly Bagasse bowls CR-32
Enpak Compostable Bowl 32oz Round Eco-friendly Bagasse bowls CR-32

Japanese ramen noodles are also known as Chinese noodles

Unlike Chinese hand-made noodles, Japanese ramen is mostly made with a noodle-making machine.

Japanese ramen originated from the Tangmian of Guangdong in China and first appeared in Japan during the Edo period.

Japanese ramen noodles are cut rather than hand-pulled and served in a stock based soup made from pork bones or seafood, with a variety of vegetables to suit local tastes.

The stock based is the essence of Japanese ramen. Enpak microwave to go donburi bowls with clear lids 1400ml DO-1400 is light and durable with high thermal insulation, and it can highlight the charming flavor of the soup.

The large capacity and ultra-deep shape are much more suitable for many kinds of noodle soups and are multipurpose.

There are two different types of covers for operators to choose, one is a perforated cover and the other one is transparent cover.

Enpak microwave to go donburi bowls with clear lids 1400ml DO-1400
Enpak microwave to go donburi bowls with clear lids 1400ml DO-1400


Lanzhou beef noodle boxes in China is the most famous among ramen.

It requires "One Clear, Two White, Three Red, Four Green, Five Yellow"

After ramen spread westward to Xinjiang and Central Asia, the local people stir-fried it with vegetables and called it "Laghman."

While Central Asian ramen is generally coarser and developed in variations such as mixed noodles and noodles with soup.

Because of the culinary culture of the region where it originated, ramen is mostly halal food which is quite popular in the Islamic region.

Boiled ramen is often served with a broth (beef or lamb broth), and can also be stir-fried with meat and vegetables.

For multi-purpose food container series, the large-capacity microwavable 48 oz round container BO-48 can be easily used to contain noodle soup or fried noodles.

It is made of heat-resistant PP material, and can hold steaming hot food. Microwavable 48 oz round container BO-48 also has  a Halal Certificate.

32oz To go PP Round Container
Enpak injection microwavable 48 oz round container with lid BO-48

The variety of ramen, with different variations of soup, toppings and noodles, has led to endless combinations that are not only loved by the Japanese, but also popular in many cultures.

Nowadays, ramen is still evolving. Maybe one day you will taste ramen with local features somewhere in the world.

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