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food packing company
Plastic issues
Feb 13, 2023
Nowadays, the RAFs dispute has given rise to much discussion. Let Enpak food packing company tell you more about the safest non-toxic containers used by fast food chains.
microwave safe plastic containers
Plastic issues
Dec 19, 2022
Microwave safe plastic containers are the packaging method used for most prepared food. When people do not want to order food delivery and feel lazy to cook, microwave ovens, which doesn't produce cooking smells, can be used for fast cooking by heating up, have become the first choice for cooking.
single use packaging
Plastic issues
Apr 15, 2021
Single use packaging has been used for food selling, food storage, and extending the expiration date, but at the same time, it may pose a threat to health. How can we strike a balance between these two?